On 15 May 2019, there was the last debate of the lead candidates for the European elections, namely Manfred Weber (EPP), Frans Timmermans (PES), Ska Keller (Greens), Margrethe Vestager (ALDE), Nico Cué (EL) and Jan Zahradil (ACRE). This was the last joint debate to hear where these candidates stand on a range of issues. Discussions were about mainly about migrations, jobs, populisms, climate change and the role of the EU in the world.

Candidates presented their view of the future of Europe, its institutional (re)organization, how to tackle the migrations, how to boost the research and innovation for creating jobs, how to address the challenges of the climate change, what should be the role of the EU in the world and how to respond to the raising populisms and Euroscepticism.

More about the debate can be found here.

Source: EP / Dominique HOMMEL