Sibiu, Romania
Source:, u/vladgrinch

Leaders of the EU will meet on 9 May 2019 in Sibiu (Romania) to discuss the future of Europe, Union’s political aspirations and strategic agenda for the next five years. It is the responsibility of EU politicians and decision-makers to secure the peace, stability and prosperity across Europe and beyond and to efficiently cope with internal and external challenges. At the same time, they need to make sure that basic European principles, namely democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights, prevail over raising nationalism and Euroscepticism.

As it is stated in the communication “Europe is a responsible global power, taking the lead in addressing climate change, advocating peace and sustainable development globally, promoting free and fair trade, and setting standards for human rights, working conditions, food safety and data protection”. Therefore, the EU politicians as well as citizens must look forward, learn from experiences and build on success stories to make sure that the European integration process becomes stronger.

The full communication Europe in May 2019: Preparing for a more united, stronger and more democratic Union in an increasingly uncertain world from the Commission (COM(2019) 218 final) can be found here.