On 29 April 2019, there was the first debate of the Spitzenkandidaten (Frans Timmermans – Party of European Socialists, Bas Eickhout – European Green Party, Guy Verhofstadt – Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party, Violeta Tomić – Party of the European Left and Jan Zahradil – Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists of Europe) taking place in Maastricht (Netherlands). The aim of the debate was to present the views and arguments of different European political parties about the future of the European Union after the May 2019 elections. Questions referred to economic development, environment, EU foreign relations, migration crisis management, digitalisation, raise of populisms and other challenges that the EU politicians who will be elected will have to deal with.

Discussion revealed how political parties address European challenges, but the common ground for everyone (except Eurosceptic parties) was the unified Europe that politicians as well as citizens should pursue. They agreed that the Europe can be successful only if it works jointly hand in hand.

More about the debate can be found here.

The full debate can be watched at this link.