International conference in Ljubljana (Slovenia), 1-3 December 2017

  • News on radio Capodistria
  • News on radio Ognjišče.
  • Emission on radio Ognjišče
  • Interview with thepresident of the Austrian Paneuropean Movement, Karl von Habsburg, in weekly Reporter.
  • News in the newspaper Paneuropa, edited by  Austrian Paneuropean Movement, can be found here.


Round table in Ljubljana (Slovenia), 2 February 2018

  • Video report at Slovenian national TV station RTVSLO
  • Report in the journal SVRevija.
  • Interview on radio Ognjišče


International conference in Florence (Italy), 7-8 May 2018


International conference in Orašje (Bosnia and Herzegovina), 25-27 May 2018

News, published at web portals:

  • News at on-line portal Oslobođenje can be found here.
  • News at on-line portal Glas Mostara can be found here
  • News at on-line portal Slobodna Evropa can be found here
  • News at on-line portal Avaz  can be found here.
  • News at on-line portal Radio Orašje  can be found here
  • News at on-line portal Nedjelja can be found here
  • News at on-line portal Pogled can be found here
  • News at on-line portal Klix can be found here
  • Video report of the conference is available here.
  • Video report, prepared by Orašje Municipality, is available here. 


International conference in Budapest - Szentendre (Hungary), 26-27 October 2019

  • The emission Sredin gost with the president of the Slovenian Paneuropean Movement, Dr Laris Gaiser, at national TV station.  RTVSLO


International conference in Vienna (Austria), 15-17 February 2019

News about the event, published in Ukrainian media:


A glimpse of the events at Twitter